Time and talents

Time and Talents


Being part of St Luke's and Christ Church does not just mean coming to church on Sunday, although that's a very good start! This parish thrives because its members get involved and support the life and worship of the church. Many people make a huge contribution by giving time, practical ability and creativity.

Health & Safety

The parish is looking for someone with current Health and Safety knowledge and experience to help with its Health and Safety audit.

Sunday School teachers or helpers

Teachers are needed for the children's groups (aged 0-11) on Sundays, as are helpers to facilitate the group. Training and support provided.

Drivers for the housebound

Volunteers are needed to drive people to church and home again.

Parish Office

Various administrative help is regularly needed.


We need the following help to assist at Sunday services: readers, intercessors (pray-ers), refreshment, sidespeople. We also need people to be involved in the leadership and management of the church by becoming a member of the church council (the DCC or PCC).

Homeless Night Shelter

Volunteers are needed for the evening or early morning once a week during the winter months.

Professional and Practical Skills

Volunteers with particular skills are always needed: gardening, cooking, graphic art, photography.


If you would like to find out more about these please let us know by contacting the Parish Office.