St Luke's and Christ Church are welcoming, vibrant churches. To do everything we do, we rely entirely on the money we generate ourselves. We get no assistance from the wider Church. 

Planned giving

Planned giving is one of the principal ways of belonging to this parish, and it is the most effective way to give to your church. You simply commit to give a regular amount each week or month direct from your bank account. It can be easily set up, amended and cancelled. The benefits to you are that you show your determined membership of St Luke's and Christ Church, you do so even when you are not at a service, and you do not have to suddenly find loose change when the collection bag comes round. The benefits for the parish are that we know the money is pledged and we can budget ahead accordingly.

If you can initiate/amend your standing order with your bank yourself, it will start immediately and be of the greatest benefit to your church. The relevant details are set out below.

We need £7,000 a week to run St Luke's and Christ Church. Every year, existing members are asked to review and, if able, increase their giving.

What should I give?

Although the church is reluctant to lay down hard and fast rules about giving, all of us can do with some advice in this area. Otherwise some people feel guilty that they don't give enough while others simply reach for loose change whenever they hear the word 'collection'.

So how much should we give? The Bible suggests that we should set aside a tenth of our earnings for the church and charities: other major world religions have similar guidance. Giving can transform the world - our lives as well as the lives of others, our community and beyond.

The Church of England suggest that church members give at least five per cent of net income to their local church and five per cent to other charities they wish to support.

Giving by standing order

Regular payments can be made monthly, quarterly or yearly. Many people these days like to set up or amend standing orders themselves or, if you would prefer, we can ask your bank to set it up on your behalf. If you would like details on how to set either of these up, please contact the Parish Office.

Gift Aid

If you are a UK taxpayer, we can supplement any donation of yours by 25p for every £1 donated (or more if you pay a higher tax rate) by reclaiming the tax you have already paid on it from the government under the Gift Aid scheme. Gift Aid reclamations are a very important part of our income, but in order to claim under the scheme we need you to make a once-off authorisation. Fill in the Gift Aid Declaration form, available from the Parish Office.

Give as you earn

If your employer has a give-as-you-earn scheme this may be the simplest way to give. There is no need to fill in a gift aid form as your contribution to the work of our church is made via a deduction from your pre tax earnings, which can be particularly beneficial to higher rate taxpayers as there is no need to enter your contribution on your tax return in order to claim higher rate relief.